Bachelorette Dares

No bachelorette party is complete without some big laughs and a few stories to look back on and dares are a great way to break the ice and can get the party started. And you don’t need to spend big, in fact just like the best things in life, the best bachelorette party dares can be done for free!

Make Your Own Bachelorette Dare Cards

We’ve provided forty eight mad, bad and hilarious to try bachelorette party dares. Write or print them on to cards before the event and then deal them out as the mood takes you. If you’re feeling fancy have them laminated with the date and bride’s name on the reverse side so she’ll have a fun memento to keep after the event!

Here’s a few of our favourite bachelorette dares aka…

“Random Acts of Madness”

Cheeky Bachelorette Dares

Cheeky Dares

  1. Hey Bar Tender! – Kiss a barman.
  2. Digits – Get a guy’s phone number.
  3. Sex on the Beach! – Drink a Sex on the Beach cocktail.
  4. Freebie – The bride looks thirsty, sweet-talk the barmen into pouring her a free drink.
  5. Long Legs of the Law – Get a law enforcement officer to dance with you.
  6. Strictly Business – Get a guy’s business card.
  7. Digits – Get as many guys’ phone numbers as you can in 5 minutes.
  8. Bra-vo – Remove your bra without taking your top off.
  9. Private Parts – Make a model of a man’s ‘private parts’ from random items.
  10. Swapsies – Exchange a piece of clothing with a man.
  11. I Moustache You a Question – Kiss the first moustached man you see.
  12. Down Under – Get a pair of men’s underwear.

Video Bachelorette Dares

Video Dares

  1. “I love this one!” – When the next song is played, scream “I love this one!” and then sing and dance your heart out on the dance floor.
  2. Quota – Walk up to a guy and say a line from a song as if it’s a conversation starter.
  3. Freak out! – Do some crazy dancing for one minute.
  4. Cheerleader – Perform a cheerleader routine dedicated to the groom.
  5. “Tell me more, tell me more…” – Without warning burst into your favourite song from Grease.
  6. Serenade – Serenade a stranger.
  7. Serenader – Get a stranger to serenade you.
  8. Serenade Her – Get a stranger to serenade the bride-to-be.
  9. On Broadway – You’re a star! So for the next 10 minutes everything you say must be sung.
  10. Pucker Up! – Kiss a bald man’s head.
  11. Dance Now! – You got moves…. So do the robot dance in the middle of the dance floor.
  12. Chat Up – Buy a hot looking guy a drink.

Photo Bachelorette Dares

Photo Dares

  1. Photobomb – Photobomb three strangers’ photos.
  2. Pretty Boy – Find a guy who’ll let you give him a makeover.
  3. Poser – Pose provocatively in front of a hot car.
  4. Spice Boys Challenge – Get a photo with 5 different guys, one sporty, one posh, one baby and one ginger.
  5. Say “Cheese” – Ask someone to take a picture of you using their own camera.
  6. An Officer & a Gentleman – Get a photo of you with a man in uniform.
  7. Huggies – Hug a doorman.
  8. Mad Hatter – Wearing someone else’s hat.
  9. Chest in Case – With a man’s bare chest.
  10. Guns – With the most muscular arms you can find.
  11. Lookalike – Get a photo with someone who looks like someone famous.
  12. Hottie! – Get a photo with the hottest guy of the night.

Random Bachelorette Dares

Random Dares

  1. Down in One – Down your drink in one go.
  2. Alpha-bet – We bet you can’t say the alphabet backwards in under 10 seconds…
  3. Accentuate – Talk to a stranger in a foreign accent, if you get busted take another dare.
  4. Thinly Veiled – Make a veil for the bride out of toilet paper or anything else you can find.
  5. Crowning Glory – Make a crown for the chief bridesmaid.
  6. Strictly Business – Get a guy’s business card.
  7. Get Bridal – Find something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. You have just five minutes… Go!
  8. Stalk – Ask someone for their autograph.
  9. How are you? – Find a stranger and act as if you have known them for years, reminisce about “old times”.
  10. Oscar Winner – Convince a stranger that you’re someone famous.
  11. Blow It – Blow a kiss to a random stranger across the room.
  12. Charades – Pick one of the girls to help you act out a scene from a famous movie.

Feel free to share these too! They’ll make a great pin on Pinterest

The Bachelorette Challenge Shirt

Pick your favourite bachelorette party dares and have them printed on a T-shirt. Give the bride-to-be a pen and the T-shirt to wear on her bachelorette night. Her challenge is to tick off every challenge on her T-shirt before the night is done.

Have you got any great ideas for bachelorette party dares? Post you’re here…

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