Bachelorette Party Games

“It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a nail.”

Bachelorette GamesA bachelorette party simply isn’t complete without some fun and games. Bachelorette party games and dares aren’t just great fun, they can be amazing icebreakers for your evening if some of your girlfriends haven’t met before, you’ll soon have everyone laughing together as if they’ve known each other for years.

And don’t worry if you’ve never played or organised any bachelorette party games before, at GoBachelorette we have some great games to get your party started. They’re simple, free and in the right hands (and the right crazy minds) they can be absolutely hilarious! So, game on!

His Last Words

What you’ll need…

  • Pens & paper
  • Help from the groom

How to play…

For this bachelorette party game you’ll need a little help from the groom. Prior to the party email him the questions and ask him to complete the sentences for you.
At the party give all the girls a piece of paper and a pen, then read out the sentences (leaving out the groom’s words), the players must write down what they think he said.
Once you’ve read all the questions and everyone has filled in their answers ask the players to switch papers and score each other’s answers as you go through the questions again this time reading the correct answer.
You can get the bachelorettes to read out the funniest answers.

  • When I get home from work the first thing I like [bride] to do is…
  • [Bride’s] best feature is…
  • [Bride’s] worst habit is…
  • Even though she doesn’t know it, when [bride] isn’t at home, I like to…
  • The one word I think that describes [bride] best is…
  • My pet name for [bride] is…
  • If I could choose an outfit for [bride] to wear in the bedroom it would be…
  • The thing she does that really drives me nuts is…
  • The one thing I remember the most about our first date is…
  • The moment I knew I loved her was when…
  • One thing you probably don’t all know about [bride] is…
  • One thing I’ve never told [bride] is…

Go digital…

You can make the game even more fun but getting the groom to film all his answers, you can play the video via your computer or tablet through the TV for all the girls to watch as he reveals his real answers in person. Just wait until he reveals what he remembers most about the first date and the moment he knew he loved her was… There won’t be a dry eye in the house!

Wedding Dress ER

What you’ll need…

  • Pieces of paper
  • Pens
  • Dress “materials”
  • Scissors, glue and tape
  • Two willing models

How to play…

So what would the nearly-wed do if her dress didn’t arrive in time for her special day? Thankfully she’s got friends like you to help. As a trial run (and in case of emergency), collect some old material, cardboard tubes, foam, ribbons, colored tape and paper… pretty much anything you can lay your hands on.

  • Split the bachelorettes into two teams and start by giving them 5 minutes to design their dresses on the paper (each player must draw a design).
  • Once the time is up the teams must decide which dress they want to try and make.
  • They must also decide which of their team will be their model.
  • Using all the materials give the teams just 5 minutes to create amazing bridal gowns, worthy of gracing a royal wedding!
  • It’s then up to you to decide the winning team!

Make sure you take photos of finished dresses and tweet them out to the rest of America with #WeddingDressER, #GoBachelorette.

Confessions of a Bachelorette Party

What you’ll need…

  • Small strips of paper
  • Pens
  • A box of chocolates
  • A hat or small bag
  • Shots or Dares
  • Some bachelorettes with hilarious hidden secrets

How to play…

Each player must write down a secret or fact about herself that nobody else knows, fold and place the piece of paper in a small bag or hat.
Once everyone has ‘fessed up’, take it in turns to pull out a confession and read it aloud. The person doing the reading must now try and guess whose confession they’re holding.
Guess correctly and the player gets a chocolate. But if they get it wrong, then they have to either take a shot or a dare.
Find bachelorette dares here.

The Frocky Horror Picture Show

What you’ll need…

  • The worst photos. Ever.

How to play…

This might not be a game as such but it is a great chance for all the bride’s friends to share lots of laughs as they cringe at their combined “What were we thinking?!?” moments. It’s also a great way to look back at the longevity of these great friendships and some of the times you’ve shared.

Ask all the bachelorettes to find and bring the worst photo of themselves with the soon-to-be blushing bride. The older and more badly dressed, the better.

We all have those photos we’d forgotten or the fashion mistakes we wish we could forget so here’s a chance to revisit and laugh at them all. If you have a frame or pin board it could create a great gift/memento for the bride as each photo (and terrible hair style) is revealed

Drink if…

What you’ll need…

  • Drinks
  • Bachelorettes
  • Skeletons in closets

How to play…

This bachelorette party game is a classic. You’ll need a list of pre-written situations or suggestions. As you read each one aloud, the bachelorettes must take a drink if it applies to them. For more laughs, if only one person drinks on a certain round, you can always ask them to give more details…

Please be careful, this is a game played for a good time and not a long time! (have a great time but always drink responsibly so you can all last and more importantly remember the evening).

“Drink if…

…you’ve had sex in a public place.
…you’ve ever flirted with a work colleague.
…you’ve kissed someone at work.
…you’ve ever taken revenge on an ex.
…you’ve been caught having sex.
…you’ve caught someone else having sex.
…you’ve ever been in trouble with the police.
…you’re wearing something blue.
…you’ve ever lied to a boyfriend.
…you own more than 40 pairs of shoes.
…you intend on dancing with a good looking guy tonight.
…you’ve ever flirted with your boss.
…you’ve used your feminine charms to get what you want.
…you’ve had a toy boy.
…you’ve kissed someone 15yrs older than you.

Two Truths & a Lie

What you’ll need…

  • A group of well-oiled bachelorettes

How to play…

This is a great icebreaker, especially if not all the bachelorettes have met before. Each girl takes it in turn to tell two truths and a lie. The rest of the ladies must then work out which one is the lie. If they get it right, the liar takes a drink. If they get it wrong, then the rest of the group must take a drink. Easy, right?

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Wise Words

What you’ll need…

  • Pre-printed answers
  • A hat or bag

How to play…

This bachelorette party game is just for the bride.

Before the party ask all the bachelorettes to send you a few words of advice or a message for the bride (the messages can be serious, funny or just plain dirty!).
Print each answer onto a small pieces of paper, fold them up and put them in your bag or hat. The bride picks out a piece of paper at random and reads it aloud to the group. She then has one guess to try and figure out who said it.

You can bet that there’ll be plenty of laughs as well as a few happy tears as the sincere words and funny answers mix together to give the nearly-wed a few really special moments.

That’s What He Said

What you’ll need…

  • A quiet talk with the groom.

How to play…

Prior to the party send the groom a set of questions that his intended may or may not know the answers to; about his early years, favourite things, work, childhood pets etc.

The bride-to-be should then be put on a chair in front of all the group and be asked questions about her husband-to-be, if she gets 50% of the answers correct she is allowed a five-minute call with the love of her life. If she gets less than 50%? She must pay a forfeit (usually involving alcohol).

  • What is his favourite movie?
  • What is his least favourite food?
  • What was the groom’s nickname in high-school?
  • What does he say his proudest sporting moment was?
  • What is his favourite book?
  • What was the name of his first pet?
  • What is his favourite part of his future bride’s anatomy?
  • What was the groom’s favourite toy as a child?
  • What grades did he get in his finals?
  • What is his full job title?

Play-doh Pictionary

What you’ll need…

  • Pieces of card with the names of objects
  • Play-doh

How to play…

Split the bachelorettes into teams, with a table in front of each team. The players must all stand well back from the tables.

A player from each team must step forward to be shown one of the object cards. When the ref says “Go!” the players must make a model of the object they just saw on the card. The first team to guess what their player is making takes home the point!

Object cards;

  • A wedding bouquet
  • A horse
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • A cell phone
  • A swan
  • A cowboy hat
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • A penis
  • A pair of handcuffs
  • A rose
  • A wine glass

Guess Who – The Virgin Game

What you’ll need…

  • Photos of the girls’ first loves
  • A large sheet of paper

How to play…

Ask all the bachelorettes to bring along a picture of the guy they lost their virginity to (it might require a bit of Facebook stalking to track them down).
Place all the pictures on a large sheet of paper before hanging them on a wall. The aim of the game is to ‘guess who’ and match all the girls to their first flames. Just make sure that the groom’s photo isn’t handed in by any of the guests and end up on the wall. Awkward!

Have you got any great bachelorette party games to share with other bride’s and their friends? Tell us about your great games, and we’ll post the best ones on the list above (giving you full credit).

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