Bachelorette Party Sashes

A bachelorette sash is the must-have accessory for the bride-to-be’s last night as a single lady. In fact, some people might even suggest that to not force the bride into a pink/neon/flashing sash on a bachelorette party is almost dereliction of the maid of honor’s duty as the planner of the event.
Here Comes The Bride Personalized Bridal Sash and Veil
But where do you find the best bachelorette party sashes? Or is it better to make your own? Here’s our rundown of the styles of sashes available.


Is the bride to be planning a vintage themed wedding? You can carry that through to her bachelorette weekend with a vintage styled sash. Tartans and natural materials (like linen or a light hemp) can help add to the theme. You can make a sash yourself or you can find them on websites like Etsy.


Here’s the thing about clubs, they get dark. So keep track of the bride by having her wear a flashing bachelorette sash. While yes, this does look hilarious (there’s sure to be more than a few laughs), it can also be incredibly useful when it comes to keeping the soon-to-be married lady in your line of vision if she’s had a few cocktails too many. Safety first ladies!

Make It Personal

There are plenty of great services for personalized bachelorette party sashes, it’s a nice way of dressing the bride up while giving her a little something she can hang onto to as a reminder of her big weekend with the girls. You can buy personalized sashes online or find a local seamstress to create some for you.


If you’re wearing costumes for the party it’s possible to find a sash to match the theme of you costumes. Whether it’s camouflage, superhero, high-school girls, secret agents or Disney princesses you can source dozens of different themed sashes through online retailers.


Any good bachelorette party is all about “sister’s doing it for themselves” so why not create personalized bachelorette party sashes for the whole group. Use everyone’s wedding day job titles or roles; bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, sister etc. Or, you can give each bachelorette a nickname which can be written or sewn on their sash.

All for one…

And one for all! Planning any party takes time and this one isn’t any different, so when it comes to finding that perfect bachelorette sash design that everyone will like, you can save a lot of hassle by getting the girls to make their own. They can cut loose with their artistic talents and the results could be really fun.


The other nice part of making your own bride’s sash is that it will be a great keepsake for her to hold on to and remember the special weekend with her friends.

How to make your own sash…

  • To create a set of ten matching sashes, buy a 120cm by 150cm piece of material and cut it length ways in strips 12cm wide and 150cm long.
  • Cut the two ends at a 45° angle so they will meet up once the material is folded in half, with the outside (long) edge pointing downwards.
  • Once the material’s been cut, hem the sashes by turning, folding in a length 1cm long down both sides of the sash and then stitching the edges.
  • After hemming the sides of the sash, sew the ends making sure the stitching is on the inside of the sash.
  • You can now release your creativity by attaching lettering, flashing badges, shapes and all kinds of decoration.
  • If you’re feeling truly inspired, you can create sashes to match the color scheme of the big day itself.

Or just watch this funky video…

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