Bachelorette Party Shirts

Bachelorette party shirts are a great way of getting the girls dressed up in celebrating of the bride-to-be. They’re easy and often great fun to design and organise, you can find a local T-shirt printers near you or there are a number of online bachelorette shirt services that will print and deliver quality shirts.

Reasons bachelorette shirts are cool;

  • Easier and more comfortable than fancy dress.
  • They don’t cost the earth so won’t divert too many dollars from the cocktail kitty.
  • Great shirts can create a real “team” feeling.
  • It makes all the girls easier to spot (no bad thing as keeping group of bachelorettes together can sometimes feel like herding kittens!).

But do you go with a photo, a logo, a date, a quirky caption…? The possibilities and the head scratching can seem endless but there is one golden rule… Have fun! It’s a celebration after all and the bachelorette shirts are another part of giving the guest of honor a night she won’t forget.

But just which way should you go?

  • Time & a Place – Like a bands tour T-shirt, keep it simple with the bride’s name and date of her party; Sarah’s Last Night of Freedom – August 23, 2017.
  • Band T-shirt – If the bride-to-be has travelled a lot create a band style shirt listing her name, date and places she’s lived/travelled.
  • Funny Face – Check through her Facebook and find that one brilliant photo that will make the bride scream with delight and horror when she sees all her friends with it across their chests.
  • Back in the Day – Get a great photo of her back when she was young and still dreaming of her Prince Charming (if only she’d known then…). Yearbook photos can be a great source of harrowing photos for maximum effect!

Bachelorette shirts create a feeling of togetherness and also a real sense of drama and occasion. How often is your girl going to have her all her closest friends and family wearing shirts in her honor? They give you an easy way to spot each other in any busy clubs or bars and after all the drinking’s done, they’ll make for a lovely memento of the bride’s last night out as a single lady.

So here at GoBachelorette, we say a cheery “Yes!” to hilarious bachelorette party shirts.

Bachelorette Shirts

Getting Creative

Design your own – Now we’re not saying you should get a roll of fabric the length of a football field and a sewing machine to craft your own bachelorette shirts from scratch (though if you do be sure to post a picture on our Facebook page!). We’re suggesting that you put some serious thought into the design and create something totally original for your bride-to-be – we’re thinking pictures and inside jokes, or even hand-stitching nicknames into each one! Designing your own bachelorette party shirts can be a great way to show the guest of honor you’re putting in the effort, and the girls will appreciate something hand-made all the more!

Top-tip – Bachelorette parties are often full of girls from different walks of the bride-to-be’s life; family, high-school friends, sorority sisters, work colleagues, the groom’s relatives, etc. It can be tough to learn all those names quickly, so adding them to the bachelorette shirts is a sneaky way of making sure that everybody can learn each other’s names without any awkward social slips ups (like spending the whole weekend calling the bride’s mom the wrong name and not finding out until the wedding!).

Photo T-Shirts

Overexposed – In the words of Christina Aguilera, “you are beautiful no matter what they say” and putting the bride’s face on the front of all the bachelorette shirts is a great way to make sure that everyone knows how gorgeous your best friend really is. Just remember to make sure it’s a flattering photo, because the chances are she’ll be seeing it for a while.

Bachelorette Party Nicknames

Frenchy, Rizzo, Jan, Marty, the Pink Ladies in Grease had the right idea when it comes to nicknames. Rydell High’s favourite girl-gang even had the good sense to print theirs on the back of their jackets so that everyone knew who they were…can you see where we’re going with this? Printing bachelorette shirts with your high-school (or later) nicknames on the back can make a nice keepsake plus they’re an easy way of creating a great team feeling (and some team photos!).

You can even get everyone to find their own hilarious bachelorette part nickname with our Bachelorette Party Nickname Generator.

Bachelorette Nickname Generator

The I-Do – To-Do List Bachelorette Shirt

If you’ve never seen this before it is a brilliant way to keep the bride on her toes and for the whole group to have fun.

Have a shirt printed out with all a set of dares/tasks/challenges for the guest of honor to complete over the course of her night. Present her with her shirt at the start of the night and the aim is for her to check off as many items from the list as possible. Keep a (washable) marker with you so check each item off on the shirt once it’s complete.

Meet a surprise guest
Get on a plane
Serenade a stranger
Find something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue
Have sex on the beach*
Sing a song
Down in one
Hug a doorman
Have a shot
Get an autograph
Order a drink in a foreign accent
Freestyle dance for one minute
Get married

There should be a check box beside each task which the bride-to-be can tick off as she accomplishes each one. The possibilities are endless and you can make the challenges as rude or sensible as you like to suit your leading lady!

*It’s a cocktail.

Most of all have fun with them, whether you’re making your own from scratch or getting a funky design from an online shirt company, make sure the finished product makes everyone smile.

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