Bachelorette Party Supplies

Bachelorette Party SuppliesHere at GoBachelorette, we know that with just a little pre-planning and a few small touches you really can get the party started in fantastic style. But there is so much out there to choose from where do you begin? Here’ a quick guide to bachelorette party accessories to help you decide the must haves and must avoid items for your own list.

These days a click of a mouse is all it takes to find no end of bachelorette party supplies to glam up the venue and the girls themselves, or perhaps just a few prize pieces to get your best friend’s bridal celebrations started.

Bachelorette Gift Bags

A great way to get all the girls in the mood for partying! You can either fill them with a few fun props or your gift back can be in the form of a survival kit. It’s a great way of giving the girls a little something to start their weekend and give them a taste of things to come!

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Bachelorette Buttons

Team Bride Buttons (Set of 12)
A flashing badge makes a fun way to keep track of the girls in a busy bar and if you’ve got group nicknames like the Pink Ladies from Grease then you can print them on or make up entirely new names for yourselves.

Bachelorette I.D. Cards

If you have a group of ladies who haven’t all met before, I.D. cards are perfect ice breakers. Add each guest’s name, role at the wedding (mother of the bride, maid of honor, etc) or relationship to the bride and maybe add a funny line or two for the girls to fill in; “mine’s a [drink of choice] …”
You can make them by hand, use printed labels or if you want to be really fancy, get some laminated and include a photo of each bachelorette.

Bachelorette Party Sashes

Bachelorette Sash
When it comes to bachelorette party supplies, it doesn’t get more essential than a fabulous sash. This is a tried and tested way of letting the world know whose special night it is, and it also makes the bride very easy to spot in a busy bar or club.

Bachelorette Party Shirts

If costume parties aren’t your thing, then bachelorette party T-shirts can be a cheap and easy way to let everybody know that your group of girls are “coming up so you better get this party started!”

There’s no end to the hilarious printing possibilities on your shirts whether you decide to make them yourselves or save any accidents with a Sharpie pen by having them professionally printed. These days, bachelorette party T-shirts are pretty much expected! As bachelorette party supplies go, matching T-shirts are a sure fire winner and really easy to make.
You can even add your own bachelorette party nicknames to each shirt.

Get your bachelorette party nickname here…


Pop Fizz Clink Balloons Hot Pink Pkg/6
We’re all used to seeing balloons at parties, but with online shopping, don’t be surprised to see some, shall we say “interesting” shapes on your bachelorette party. You can also personalize your balloons for the guest of honor.


These are fun items you can get printed but it really is so much more fun to make your own. It also makes it much more personal for the bride to see just how much effort everyone has gone to on her behalf.

Party Games

Once you’ve got the bachelorette party supplies organised, it’s time for the games. It’s always good to have a few of these in your back pocket and here at GoBachelorette we don’t just think outside the box when it comes to the madness of our games, we’ve already tied the box up in ribbons, and are using it to smuggle in more vodka!

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Bachelorette Dares

Cyndi Lauper had it right when she sang “girls just want to have fun” and these hilarious bachelorette dares are certainly going to provoke plenty of laughs on the big night out. We have our very own unique set of dares that all the girls can join in with. Have fun, if you dare…

Bachelorette Costume Party

Suede Cowboy Hat
If your bachelorette loves a good old fashioned costume party, then she’s sure to love dressing up on her last night as a single lady. Set a theme and just go wild! Here’s some ideas for you:

  • Superheroes
  • Celebrities
  • Cowgirls and Indians
  • Army chicks

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Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

Your bachelorette party will be a weekend full of fabulous fun, but the chances are you won’t have partied like this since your 21st and you could be surprised to discover that you don’t quite have the stomach for tequila like you used to. So arm yourselves with a cool bachelorette party survival kit which you can tailor to suit your needs and your theme.

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Info Card

Another handy idea for your bachelorette party supplies is an info card. It might not be as fun or exciting as some of the other items on our list but they really can be useful. Pre-print cards with information like phone numbers for the more responsible bachelorettes, the address and phone number for the hotel, a number for local cabs and any other useful details should members of the group get split up.
Yes, actual card, totally old school but once the girls have had a few too many zombie cocktails it’s good to have some analogue fail safes in case anyone loses their cell phone.

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