Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

A bachelorette party isn’t like Survivor. You won’t be facing tough conditions, impossible challenges and you certainly won’t be made to eat some of the local ‘cuisine’. There is a slight chance though that some of the girls will wake the next morning feeling like The Walking Dead. With no sign of Rick Grimes coming to the rescue make sure you’ve got a bachelorette survival kit.

Home made hen party survival kits are a fun variation of more traditional party favors. You can customize plain paper/muslin bags, add a name to each bag, tag or pin them together with personalized pins. Not only is it a nice gift for the weekend, it will also make sure they have those vital emergency supplies that could prove vital in the hours of partying ahead!

So here’s our tips to create the ultimate bachelorette party survival kit for girls who want to have fun and still be up in time for breakfast!

Bachelorette Party Survival Gift Bag

Bachelorette Party Survival KitCandy

One, chocolate is delicious. Two, keeping your sugar levels high will help you to sustain energy, giving you more power to party!

Shot Glass

At no point during the bachelorette party should you have to turn down a drink because you don’t have a glass. You can also personalize the glasses for each guest.


In case of emergency; Open. Pour. Drink.

Dare Card

Hide a dare card in each survival kit to get the party started. Get all the girls to come up with dare ideas before the event so you can print them off and distribute them at random. You can download a complete set of free dare cards here.

Wet Wipe

Wet wipes, they’re like the Swiss army knife of makeup kits. They always come in handy so make sure you have some… erm, handy.


So you can stay fresh (or do impressions of Rizzo from Grease).

Band Aids

If you’re planning on hitting the dance floor with the kind of determination normally only displayed by Beyonce’s backing dancers at the Superbowl, then you might need a little protection for any sore heals. Especially if you’ll be stepping out in new shoes.

Face Mist

It might well be “murder on the dance floor”, but you can stay cool with a quick face misting spray. Once refreshed you can get straight back to shaking what yo momma gave ya!


Soothe any sore heads and wave goodbye to your alcoholic aches and pains with a couple of Tylenol tablets. You’ll be back to your best in no time.


H2O, it’s every girl’s best friend, after a big night out your hangover will demand it. It’s also the best way to rehydrate your skin and really will lessen the effects of a sore head in the morning.

If you’re got any great ideas for what to put in a bachelorette party survival bag then post them below to share with other party organisers.

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