Bachelorette Themes

Having the right theme really can set your weekend up perfectly. It’s not about dressing the best or being the craziest, a great bachelorette theme is all about creating a fantastic weekend for the guest of honor. And sometimes the best way of doing that is revisiting old memories.

She has all her oldest and most loved friends with her, many of you will have known her for years (often since childhood) which can be a great tool when picking the perfect bachelorette theme for your blushing-bride-to-be.

The most important thing is to pick something that puts her at the centre of your plans, that doesn’t mean forcing her to be the centre of attention while out (not everyone is comfortable with that) but just showing you’ve really thought about her.

Here’s our top suggestions for great bachelorette themes;

Special Guest Star

Bachelorette ThemesOf course, there’s always one very important member of the bachelorette party, so why not make her the star of her own show? You can theme your party around the bride-to-be. Use her hobbies, special interests and likes to create her perfect bachelorette theme. If she’s a vet, why not dress like animals? If she works in a music store dress as famous singers. If she works at Hooters… maybe think of something else.

TV & Movies

Of all the bachelorette themes, this is possibly the most fun. You can arrange costumes, cocktails and even games based on her favorite TV show or movie. The Walking Dead? From Mad Men cocktails to Downton Abbey English accents and plates of ‘spotted dick and custard’.

The Early Years

Pick the decade from her youth and celebrate it in style. The bands, the movies, the stars. It’s a great way to all share some of those special memories you are all connected to. Bring school photos, report cards, year books, even any old uniforms, bonus points if you can get video messages from her old teachers.


If she’s a big music fan why not create your own music festival in her honor? “Welcome to Lisa-Fest!” Create tickets/flyers as party invites, a playlist, fake security, festival T-shirts… You really can make it a fabulous event and something she’ll never forget.

Hen Fest

Going Fancy

8 Great Costume Ideas

Superheroes  – Kick Ass
Cowgirls – Yeehaw!
Pink Ladies – It’s like greased lightening!
80’s Ladies – Because girls just wanna have fun!
90’s – Bands, movies or stars from her youth.
Movie Characters – But don’t let anybody put Baby in the corner.
Harry Potter – You can hide your own clothes under the cloaks.
Nuns – On the run?

Latest Costume Ideas

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