The Nearly-Wed Game

A bachelorette party game with some secret help from the groom.

How to Play

The Nearly-Weds GameSpeak to the groom before the bachelorette party and ask him all the questions. Then simply change one of the answers we’ve given to his actual answer before testing the bride-to-be at her party.

“Good evening and welcome to another exciting edition of The Nearly-Wed Game!

[Bride-to-be’s name] please place your hand on your engagement ring and repeat after me “I [Bride-to-be’s name] hereby promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me tequila.”

[Bride-to-be’s name] we have spoken to [groom’s name] and asked him a few questions about your life together. Do you think you can guess just what he said? If you guess right you’ll earn a point, if you score enough points you’ll win a prize. But if you don’t score enough points then you’ll have to pay the penalty.
Now let’s play The Nearly-Wed Game.

We asked [Groom] what was your most attractive feature.
Did he say…
A – Your boobs
B – Your smile
C – Your ass
What did he say was your worst habit?
A – Your singing…. The guy is crazy in love with you but your singing… not so much
B – Your inability to walk past a shoe store without stopping
C – Eating food off his plate because you’re on a diet and there’s so little on yours
How long after you first met did your [groom] say you first had “intimate relations”?
A – You’re both saving yourselves for your wedding night
B – You wickedly seduced him on the very first night you met him (he was drunk and defenseless)
C – A very respectable four weeks
What is his favourite song?
A – Story of a Lonely Guy – Blink 182
B – Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar
C – Best Song Ever – One Direction
Where is the craziest place the two of you have ‘got jiggy with it’?
A – At your work place when everyone else had left
B – You both joined the mile high club
C – Michigan
How did he describe your kissing technique?
A – “Full bodied with a pleasant bouquet and subtle aftertaste of wine, M&M’s and ranch flavored Doritos.”
B – “Well… we had this vacuum cleaner once that kept breaking down, it’s kind of like that.”
C – “It’s like a Barry White CD, soft, strong and incredibly long.”
What bedroom fantasy costume would he most like you to dress up in?
A – Cheerleader
B – Nurse
C – Sharon Osbourne (complete with an English accent)
According to [Groom] what is your very best quality?
A – Your big heart
B – Your smile, it won his heart the first time he saw it
C – That you actually agreed to go out with him!
What is his favourite movie?
A – Goodfellas
B – Die Hard
C – Finding Nemo
Did he say you had any sex toys you like to use together?
A – “Does playing Candy Crush in bed count as a toy?”
B – “Well we did but the last time we used it, it made so much noise the neighbors thought we’d bought a cement mixer and complained to the zoning commission.”
C – “Let’s just say there’s an electric toothbrush neither of us will be using again!”

Nearly Wed Bachelorette Game

Scores – Forfeits

3 points or less
Well either one of you wasn’t telling the whole truth or you to need to stop kissing and actually talk to each other!
Terrible score as a forfeit you must now serenade a friendly looking stranger with a song of our choosing.

5 points or less
Well it could have been worse but it really should’ve been better.
We hope your dance moves are better than your answers. You must now go and do the Robot on the dancefloor.

7 points or more
Way to go! That’s not a bad score. But sadly it wasn’t perfect so you’re going to have to wear this for the rest of the night. [give her a tiara, sash or other embarrassing item of clothing to wear]

10 points
Congratulations! You are one smitten kitten and clearly his one true love. Or maybe you’re just as weird as each other but that’s ok!
And your star prize is…. [give her a tiara, sash or other embarrassing item of clothing to wear]

“And that’s all for this week’s edition of The Nearly-Wed Game. Tune in next week when we’ll be asking Beyonce and Jay Z if they ever put on some leather, dance around their bedroom and pretend it’s the Superbowl.”

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